Whether you are intimidated or just don't know where to start, I am here to help! Sublimation Prep is the ONLY course you need to learn all about sublimation crafting.

Get started on your sublimation journey today!

sublimation prep course angie holden

Ever wonder how to get those stunning, multi-color designs on your crafts? The process is called sublimation printing and it works on shirts, mugs, and more!

And right now you can learn everything you need to know with Sublimation Prep!

Let Angie Holden walk you through what sublimation is, what supplies you need, and how to make your first projects. Before the end of this course, you will be sublimating gorgeous crafts!

Angie makes sublimation simple!

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With Sublimation Prep, you get the following:

  • Sublimation Prep Course - over 30 videos and 5 hours of education on sublimation crafting - $1000 value
  • BONUS: Sublimation Files and Patterns - 24 files for adding to your crafts with a commercial license - $100 Value
  • BONUS: Cheat Sheets - 7 printable sublimation cheat sheets - $20 Value
  • BONUS: Sublimation Organization Binder - 15 printable pages for organizing your sublimation crafting - $10 value
  • BONUS: Worksheets - 4 printable worksheets for equipment decisions and more - $10 value
  • BONUS: Printer Files - a collection of files for checking and fixing your printer - $5 value
  • BONUS: Printable Lesson Transcripts - perfect for referencing later and taking notes - $100 value
  • BONUS: Exclusive Facebook Community - get help with sublimation issues and connect with other sublimation crafters - PRICELESS!

Total value: over $1200
Today's price: $97

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what printer is best for sublimation? Do i need a heat press?

Those are just a few of the questions you may be asking yourself right now.

I get it. Sublimation can be confusing. There are supplies you have never heard of and you don't want to buy the wrong printer. This stuff is expensive!

I have been there myself. We all start somewhere! I have spent years learning the process of sublimation crafting and how to get the best results. I am now ready teach YOU all of that information!

Get that printer out of the box and start sublimating today!

You may be asking yourself...

  • What is sublimation? How does it work?
  • Where do I start?
  • What printer do I need?
  • Where do I buy supplies?
  • What software do I use?
  • Do I have to use polyester shirts?
  • What are sublimation blanks and why do I need them?
  • Why doesn't my project look like I want it to?
sublimation printer and projects

Want the answers to these questions and more in one place? Sublimation Prep has everything you ever wanted to know about sublimation in an easy to use format. With over 30 videos and 5 hours of education, you will be sublimating in no time at all!

Sublimation prep is the only course you need to start sublimating now!

Even if you have never done sublimation before!

angie holden with sublimation printer

Sublimation Prep will help you understand the sublimation process and what you need to get started. Angie will guide you through finding the right printer and supplies for your needs with over 30 videos. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions to start printing and making projects. After you finish Sublimation Prep, you can start making the projects of your dreams. Stop struggling with sublimation! You too can be a successful sublimation crafter.

With Sublimation Prep, you will get:

  • The sublimation process explained so you understand exactly how it works.
  • Sublimation supplies list and links so you buy the right things and have what you need.
  • Sublimation printer comparison to make it easy to figure out what printer will work best for your needs.
  • Heat press buying guide for you to compare the options and find the right one for you!
  • Step-by-step guides to sublimation software and printing to your sublimation printer the right way.
  • Guide to buying blanks and shirts that will work with sublimation.
  • Start-to-finish tutorials for your first sublimation projects to learn the fundamentals of sublimation crafting.
  • Troubleshooting your printer and process to fix colors, mistakes, and make the best sublimation crafts possible!

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when you purchase, you get $200 worth of FREE bonuses!

You get so much more than just Sublimation Prep. You also get cheat sheets, worksheets, sublimation files, printable transcripts, and more!

sublimation images

Sublimation Files
$100 Value

A total of 24 sublimation files with a commercial license.

printable transcripts

Printable Transcripts
$100 Value

Transcripts for over 30 course videos for you to print, reference later, and take notes.

Cheat Sheets
$20 Value

A total of 7 sublimation cheat sheets for quick reference when crafting.

sublimation organization binder

Organization Binder
$10 Value

Keep up with your crafting and what you need to remember with this binder!

sublimation printer files

Printer Files
$5 Value

Use these printer files to check colors or if your printer is working properly.

printable worksheets

$10 Value

These 4 printables help you to make decisions about printers, heat presses, and more.

Buy before November 9th during the pre-sale and get a special bonus for free!

During the pre-sale ONLY, you will also get this photo mugs e-book along with 28 templates to create mugs for every occasion! This bundle comes with a commercial license for each template. You will be making photo mugs with your sublimation printer in minutes for family, friends, and to add to your craft business.

$100 value

photo mugs bundle

What are you waiting for? Let angie be your guide to sublimation with this course!

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let me simplify sublimation for you!

angie holden with sublimation printer

Hi, I'm angie holden and i am passionate about helping people be creative.

I have been creating crafts for a decade on my blog and YouTube channel. I love inspiring and teaching others. I also know that sublimation can be confusing in the beginning. I want to help take the mystery out of sublimation and teach YOU to do it the right way!

I get questions daily from people that do not understand sublimation. I also hear from people that don't know what printer to buy or don't even know how where to start.

I am here to help.

I will guide you through understanding the sublimation process, buying the right supplies, and making your first project. Sublimation Prep is the only course you need to get started crafting right away. Even if you don't know what sublimation is, this course can help!

I know you will love sublimation as much as I do!

have you been struggling with sublimation?

Ever been frustrated with your sublimation results? Are you not able to make the crafts you have been dreaming of?

Gain the knowledge you need to be successful with sublimation.

Imagine creating sublimation crafts for yourself, your friends, and your small business.

  • No more struggling with your sublimation printer.
  • Understand the sublimation process for troubleshooting.
  • Pick the right supplies and equipment for your needs.
  • Find unique sublimation blanks to expand your crafting.
  • Gain the knowledge you need to be a successful sublimation crafter.
  • Making those creative Pinterest projects right at home.

Sublimation Prep is the ultimate course for ANY sublimation printer.

Is this bundle for you?

You'll LOVE this if:

  • You are just starting out with sublimation.
  • You are confused by all of the supplies, printers, and terms.
  • You are too intimidated to even begin.
  • You are stressed about spending money on the WRONG supplies and equipment.
  • You have ANY sublimation printer.
  • You don't have a sublimation printer but want to try out the craft before you buy.
  • You have tried sublimation but haven't gotten the best results.

This isn't for you if:

  • You understand everything there is to know about sublimation.
  • You are not interested in sublimation crafts.
  • You want to stick with HTV or white toner printing.

What will you learn?


What is sublimation? How does it work?What do you need?



What printer, heat presses, and supplies are required? Which ones are optional?


Learn how to get, setup, and make your first projects. Plus get even more ideas for the future!



Having issues? Follow the testing and troubleshooting steps included in the course.

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what other happy customers are saying

Frequently asked questions

What if I don't even know what sublimation is?

That's totally okay! Sublimation Prep is open to crafters of all experience levels. Even if you've never heard of it, the information is included to help you understand exactly what sublimation printing is and how to get started.

Do I need a sublimation printer before purchasing?

No! There is a video included on how to pick a sublimation printer as well as several videos on setup of various printer brands. There is even a video on how to do sublimation with no printer at all if you want to start there!

Which printer brands does this course cover?

The content focuses on the Epson EcoTank, Epson SureColor F170, and Sawgrass sublimation printers. Informational videos would be applicable to any sublimation printer brand.

How long do I have access to the content?

You will have access to the course for a minimum of 3 years from purchase. The platform will continue to be maintained as long as Angie Holden and The Country Chic Cottage are in business.

Will this course be updated?

I may periodically update the course with new information in the sublimation industry. You will have full access to all updates.

When will I get access to the course?

As soon as you purchase, you can log in and start watching videos. Bonuses can be downloaded immediately within the course.

This is a crazy good deal. Are you sure this isn't a scam?

It is definitely not a scam! I am here to help you with sublimation crafting and I want to make this bundle as affordable as possible to help as many people as I can.

What comes with the purchase?

When you complete your payment, you get access to the course which includes over 30 videos with over 5 hours of educational content. The course platform also has all bonus material for download.

Will anything be shipped?

No. This product is entirely in digital format and hosted on the Podia platform. Log in immediately and start watching videos, downloading bonuses, and learning all about sublimation.

I am confused and have questions?

Email any remaining questions to and we will be happy to answer them for you! You can also email if you have any issues accessing your purchase.


I am so convinced that you are going to love this course that I am offering up a 7-day refund. If you are not happy with your purchase, just email me at and let's chat!

refund guarantee

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